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Author Topic: I am so scared... I feel like I can't breathe  (Read 159 times)

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I am so scared... I feel like I can't breathe
« on: December 19, 2013, 05:46:55 AM »
I was diagnosed with Anxiety, OCD and hypochondria back in January-March. I began medication and psychology and was coping reasonably well.
I started making myself super busy by looking after my daughter, spending time of the school parents board, attending playgroups, opening my house to ladies who want to socialise etc.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago. My 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with Autism on top of her profound hearing loss.

I have had 2 awful dizzy turns where the room felt like it was spinning. The first time I was not anxious at all, but the second time I was quite anxious. I also have: pins and needles in my feet and hands on and off (I don't notice it when my mind is busy), an unsteady feeling like I am on a boat and also a lack of ability to remember certain things that I would have undoubtedly remembered 12 months ago.

I have had a pretty crappy 2 years. In January 2012 I had a procedure in which I was inadequately sedated and I could feel the entire procedure and also hear the doctors talking while I was "sedated". In January 2013 I had a bowel cancer scare and had to have a colonoscopy which as you can imagine blew my anxiety completely.

I have a sore hip and on x-ray you can see that my spine is out of alignment. I suffer from the occasional bout of sciatica but never with pins and needles/tingling.

I have TMJ disorder which is currently ok.

So these are the symptoms I am dealing with:
- Infrequent Pins and needles (I don't seem to notice them when my mind is active)
- Infrequent Eye floaters (the occasional tiny black dot but sometimes just snow)
- Vague memory loss (I have always had an amazing memory until now. I do a lot in my days though, but the other day I couldn't remember something in particular that really threw me)
- Muscle pain (my calfs, shoulder and neck are in knots and incredibly tight and my hip is quite sore with the occasional feeling of sciatica. I also feel like my jaw and bum cheeks are clenched)
- Unsteady feeling (I have tried to stand still with my eyes closed and sometimes I move a little back and forward but it's not overly obvious)

The other day I was walking in my kitchen and I didn't lift my foot far enough off the ground and it sort of stubbed on the tile. I didn't trip or anything, but I started panicking that my foot was weak but I can stand on one foot, stand on tippy toes etc.

I know I have been under a hell of a lot of stress and people continuously tell me I am doing way too much. My daughter's autism diagnosis was really hard for me. Sometimes I forgot to eat for hours which might contribute to the dizzy spells.

What is wrong with me? I really don't want to do another GP trip and ANOTHER test. Especially at this time of year. I am so worried that this January will also bring me something awful. :(

I used to see all the threads about fears of MS and never understood them, but I very much understand them now! Thanks for reading.
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Re: I am so scared... I feel like I can't breathe
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2013, 06:47:14 AM »
I had a terrible ear infection in March 2012, and had to have my ear drum punctured twice. I had dizziness with it,
The infection went away, but in 2013 I got dizzy again which lasted 5-6 weeks daily off and on. My ENT attributed the
dizziness to benign positional vertigo. Stress can wreck havoc with your HA. Within a years time in 2012-2013, my mother,
father, uncle and a pet passed away; not good.
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