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Author Topic: Hello everyone!!!!  (Read 74 times)

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Hello everyone!!!!
« on: December 18, 2013, 04:13:38 PM »

My name is Gary and I have been suffering from health anxiety for 1yr to the day. And like many of other people I have been looking at posts on this site for a while now but feel it was time to join as I find this site extremely helpful in calming my anxiety.

My story started a year ago today. I had been traveling Asia and Australia for two years backpacking and basically living on scraps as funds were never great. Anyways it was a week before I was due to come home (couldn't wait to come home to see family) and my tooth got an infection in it. As money was sort and I was coming home in a week I decided to just take Ibrophen tablets until I got home. Unfortunately I was stupid and was taking them on a empty stomach and this made me feel sickly that week and therefore made me not eat much at all.

As it got to the day before I was to fly home I was walking back from the beach and suddenly felt faint and couldn't breath (my first ever panic attack), the more I was trying to breath the more I was panicking, I started to get pains and needles in my hands. I ran to the ER in Melbourne. The nurse that assessed me said I was panicking and needed to calm down. They took my bloods and put me on a drip as they said i looked dehydrated. After two hours on a drip the doctor came in with my bloodwork results, he said everything looked fine but my liver (or kidney can't remember which one) were a bit out but after I told him about taking Ibrophen he said that will be why they are out but he did say I did need to get it followed up with when I got bk home (which I did and all came back fine, infact my gp said she didn't think they were even out ha).

After getting home (after a panic attack on the airplane and having to lie at the back of the plane with my legs up  :yes:, and spending a day in a Dubai hospital) I suffered a series of panic attacks. After first panic attack my family took me to my gp again and he said it was strange and could just b my body and head getting used to being bk home etc, after the second panic attack we went and saw our family gp who after hearing the story straight away put me on a very low dose of anti depressants tablets. After a few weeks they worked and stopped my panic attacks. I hav now been off them for about 5months and still no panic attacks.

The year has been very challenging for myself and family. My big fear is cancer and at times I am convinced I have it. I hav at one time or another thought I had every type of cancer going. I can't even watch the news or read the paper as it always mentions it (esp this time of the year).

My current symptoms now is feeling tired and sick. Also twitches in my groin.

When I think about the circumstances that happened a rational mind (ie gp, family and friends) would think it was the stress of the whole situation, a mixture of excitement of coming home with not eating properly. And my body is just showing the after effects off such a stressful time. But my anxiety and depressed state of mind thinks 'something isn't right'

I think my personal recovery is all about time. The way I see it is it's been a year and if I had a terminal illness surely I would b in a hospital bed now. I try resist going gp after every illness symptom I feel as I would hav been there every week/month this year.

I am sooo sorry for the long post (oh and spelling mistakes). Hope everyone has a great Xmas, let's hope 2014 brings us happiness

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Re: Hello everyone!!!!
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2013, 03:20:42 AM »
Hello Gary/Englandoz12.
Welcome to Anxiety Zone!

Sorry to read health anxiety's been causing you trouble. But I think you have come to the right place. People with similar problems exchange experience and support each other here. I would suggest you find the forums/ section you have interest in. Feel free to post and open new topics. From my experience you will get more feedback there due to specific topics.
Once you have made 3 meaningful posts you will also be able to access our chat which is open to all members over 18 years of age.

Hope your journey to wellness and hapiness goes smooth. Nice to have you as a member and all best in 2014 to you too  :action-smiley-065:!

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