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Author Topic: freaking out, trying to stay calm but i googled...  (Read 353 times)

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freaking out, trying to stay calm but i googled...
« on: December 14, 2013, 10:35:37 PM »
I was eating dinner just now, watching a show, when all the sudden I got a random, really sharp stabbing like pain right on my heart that happened when I breathed in. Just that once. I started worrying, I know I shouldn't but I googled, and I ended up on aortic dissection. :( Now I am really scared, because what if I have that? my lower chest, like below my ribs kind of feel weird, like mild discomfort now, and I keep getting these sharp cold sensations all over, in my right and left sides. other than that I feel okay but.. should I be worried? Surely if it were more severe, the pain would be unbearable, right? it was just one big stabbing feeling when I breathed in once, and then it was gone. I am trying not to freak out but I am so scared. Ugh, and here come little pains in the middle of my chest. trying to stay calm is hard... I am trying to tell myself that I feel fine so I must be fine but.. what if? that is the question that I am asking myself now :/

Added: so its been awhile now, about 40 min and still freaking out, I had this sinking feeling in my chest, and now my right toes feel tingly and numb slightly. Worried its reduced bloodflow :( cant really feel my heart beating like I usually can but I dont know... this is so scary D:
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Re: freaking out, trying to stay calm but i googled...
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2013, 02:55:41 PM »
I am not a doctor but I do know something about aortic aneurysms since my uncle had one that was successfully repaired and he is doing fine 20 years later.  First of all most aortic dissection/aneurysm conditions are immediately fatal, so if you are still alive you are probably just fine!  My uncle's was discovered while investigating another issue and was in its initial stages which is why he had no symptoms he was aware of.  Aortic issues are generally associated with very tall individuals with large riba cages so if this does not describe you then there is another layer or reassurance. 

It sounds to me like you had an intercostal muscle spasm (the muscles between your ribs.)  These are not uncommon and can produce the sort of brief stabbing pain you describe.  I have had them myself and I am considered to be in perfect health. The other symptoms are likely from the anxiety you are feeling, no fun but not harmful either.  Try some deep breathing, maybe some meditation, and no more googling!  Dr. Google is a crappy doctor!  Try to relax and hang in there.  You will be fine!
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Re: freaking out, trying to stay calm but i googled...
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2013, 04:22:41 PM »
It sounds like you had a trapped nerve. I get that feeling all the time, you breath in and there's a really sharp pain and then it goes. Sometimes you have to breath in hard to get rid of it. If you had something major you would have had many other symptoms I'm sure!
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