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Author Topic: New to Anxiety and this site  (Read 71 times)

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New to Anxiety and this site
« on: December 11, 2013, 02:49:55 AM »
Hello everyone, I'm very new to Anxiety and panic attacks.  I had my first one ever about a week ago.  It started in the middle of the night.  I have two young children and my one year old woke up crying, so naturally I went in to check on him.  Well he had bumped his lip and it was huge, his face was puffy, and he felt feverish.  I freaked out thinking he ate something he was alergic to and didn't know what to do because we don't live anywhere near a hospital. 
Then all of a sudden I got extremely hot, I felt faint and got tunnel vision.  My husband told me I was so pale he couldn't tell where my lips were on my face.  So I sat down and lost feeling in my arms and then my chest felt crazy, so I tried feeling my heartbeat but couldn't feel anything!  My husband could barely feel a pulse either so we called 911.  That's when I started feeling like I was dying.  I just kept telling my husband I loved him and was concentrating on my son's face and my breathing to try and pull through. 
Finally the paramedics arrived and I could see my headtbeat on their EKG machine, and they said my vitals were fine and I started calming down.
Ever since then though, if i think about my attack or how I couldn't feel my heartbeat I think I have smaller attacks.  I have chest pain a lot and I get shaky and sweaty and my heart pounds.  I went to the doctor the next day and I had an EKG that read possible enlarged left atrium, so they referred me to a cardiologist in case, but now I'm freaking out about my heart because of this, even though all other tests so far have been fine. 
My husband wants to help, but he just doesn't get it.  I'm also a stay at home mom and worry that something will happen when I'm alone with my kids! 
I guess I just joined here because I feel really alone about it all.
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Re: New to Anxiety and this site
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2013, 04:31:06 AM »
Hi, Always@night, welcome to Anxiety Zone!

Thank you for sharing your story. You have come to the right place. The AZ  is all about sharing experience and offering support.

Nothing bad will happen to you and your family. You will learn from this site that many people struggle with very similar issues. I would advise you to find the forums/ sections you have interest in and feel free to post or start a new topic.
We also have a chat room for members over 18 years of age, who have made 3 meaningful posts. There is generally always someone there to talk and listen.
(By meaningful posts we generally consider posts that include more than a few words and contribute to the subject btw.).

You are most certainly not alone in this!
Nice to have you as a member!

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