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Author Topic: Retrospective contamination fears  (Read 270 times)

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Retrospective contamination fears
« on: December 07, 2013, 04:53:45 PM »
I've been noticing this about myself lately with my fear of contamination/disease/etc. - for some reason it seems to dominate my mind in a retrospective sense. Sometimes I get it at the present time, and I'll go through the ropes with wearing gloves and washing my hands and disinfecting repeatedly - but it seems like my worst contamination fears are always retrospective - about being contaminated in the past when I wasn't being careful enough, I guess?

Example: Currently I'm obsessing over the fact that I had a slight scrape on my finger the last time that I was at the ER at the hospital, and I'm terrified by the fact that I wasn't really concerned about it at the time, and I'm afraid because of that that I could have gotten some sort of disease or illness or infection from touching something in the hospital without being especially careful. And that obsession is terrible because I can't control it anymore. I can't go back and change it. I keep replaying in my head over and over again trying to think if I touched anything especially scary or if the cut was actually open at the time or if it was closed over (I think it wasn't actively bleeding or "open" but I'm not sure)

Does anyone else ever get anything similar? Where you weren't necessarily afraid of contamination at the time but thinking back about NOT being afraid makes you terrified that something happened?
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Re: Retrospective contamination fears
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2013, 08:32:44 AM »
Oh yes, hand washing, ointments, etc. Worse, picked up bed bugs, etc. Can't light a candle, I'll start a fire.

What to do? Write out all that has not happened. All you can control. Depend on yourself and not others. CBT, good diet, plenty Vit. C, exercise, meditation keep me this side of the divide. Put the reasonable brain cells in charge. Wishing you all the best.
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