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Author Topic: Base of skull headache/inflammation/injury, etc. ???  (Read 138 times)

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Base of skull headache/inflammation/injury, etc. ???
« on: December 06, 2013, 08:23:47 PM »
So I am quite new to Anxiety Zone, and I am just wanting a bit more feedback on a topic I posted yesterday.  Believe you me, your responses give me peace of mind. But in reposting, I am going to be more succinct with my symptoms. Also know I have seen my primary care doc about this already too, who was not over worried (but as a worrier, I worry they didn't understand my symptoms, same old pattern lol). 

Here are my symptoms:
1.  Sharp/tender/pinching pain on base of skull intermittently when I turn my head in any direct.
2. Pain is only one sided.
3. Throbbing pain in same spots when I stand up that lasts for 3-5 seconds, seems to pulsate
4.   When area at very top of neck/base of skull is in sharp pain, there is an extremely tender spot I can massage.
5. When area is not in sharp pain, the exact same spot is not tender.
6. When I shake my head for a few seconds, the pain dissipates. 
7.  Leaning forward at a computer, reading, etc. can bring on the stiff/sharp pains
8. Massaging area very temporarily relieves the pain. 
9. Have been dealing with this for about 9 days. Does not seem to be getting worse.
10. Not sure if muscles relaxers or Ativan are helping, they might be? 
11. No other symptoms but the headache/head pain. Not even sure if this is a headache. 

Yes, I am worried, probably overly worried about this.

Thoughts? And if you replied yesterday, THANK-YOU! for doing so on my other post.  The doubting part of me is just wanting to be clear about my symptoms.    :spineyes:
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