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Author Topic: Internal shaking when trying to sleep  (Read 380 times)

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Internal shaking when trying to sleep
« on: December 03, 2013, 02:48:03 AM »
Well here I am its 3 am and I can't sleep because sometimes when I am about to sleep it feels like my body is doing some tremor shales, like my body is slightly being grabbed and shaked. Does anyone else have this? Seems anxiety related to me. Or if my crazy brain was concerned, some life threatining disease. Yay! Anyone?
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Re: Internal shaking when trying to sleep
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2013, 05:17:00 AM »
Definitely sounds like anxiety to me. I get those weird tremors that you mentioned on and off, either when I'm attempting to sleep, or in the middle of the night. Deep breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) seems to stop them, being careful not to hyperventilate. I like to try and relax in my bed, so that I associate it with a place of comfort as opposed to fear. I also like to play a quiet game on the computer or read a little to keep me distracted so that I don't obsess about it.

Anxiety seems to love sneaking up on people when they're at their most vulnerable. I hope you can sleep soon!
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Re: Internal shaking when trying to sleep
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2013, 08:32:27 AM »
I have these as well right now. I am coming off an MS scare somewhat which has fried my nerves. When it got really bad the Insomnia started.

My pattern is fall asleep around 10:30. Wake up around 2:30-3:00am. Then I start shaking, almost like I am cold. It has to be anxiety related. I am anxious about being awake once again and knowing I ahve to get up at 5am for work. So I freak out cuase I think if I don't fall back asleep right away I won't get enough.

The trick is when you wake up, simply don't freak out. Try and relax and if you don't fall back asleep within about 20 minutes get up and go to a low lit room and read until you feel tired again. I did this last night for the first time and actually fell asleep in my lazy boy.

Many many people have issues sleeping. I was talking to my relatives at Thanksgiving dinner and I was amazed at how many have sleeping issues. My uncle says he is up and down all night becuase he works so many weird hours. My Aunt said she was awake the night before until 4am just thinking. My father inlaw said he wakes up 3 times a night and watches TV to fall back asleep. My co-worker says she wakes up at night and has to go do something like laundry before she can fall back asleep.

The difference is these people don't freak out. They roll with it until their patterns get back to normal. We as HA sufferes freak out which makes it worse.
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