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Re: New Here
« Reply #10 on: September 03, 2013, 12:18:13 AM »
I have been on a cocktail of medications from the VA for GAD , depression and PTSD over many years as a out patient. Stay away from benzo's they are poison horrible withdraws . I get my best medicine by exercising mainly hiking and walking everyday. It really works . Also cognitive therapy also . I think over all the years I have been on so many psy medications I have a certain amount of CNS damage . Best bet stay natural

I know that certain things work for some people and won't work at all for others.  I came on to this forum for several reasons - but I did want to hear what worked for other people. I know exercise works for a lot of people.  Spending time with nature.  Yoga, meditation, counseling, group therapy, etc.  I also know meds work for people.  I had a horrible trip on meds - yo yo effect.  So I started trying alternative remedies. Exercise is important to me.  Getting proper rest.  Meditation.  I want to get more into yoga. I have heard other people have found that as effective. 
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