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Author Topic: Pulsatile Tinnitus, Headaches, Fatigue - Having MRI angiography on Monday!  (Read 992 times)

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Offline Recovering Viking

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I've decided to join a forum to talk about my problems and possibly share thoughts and help people sharing the same anxieties that I

I've been worrying for 4 years now, especially about my health and well being. It has become exponentially worse with the years, and currently peaking with constant fear of dying.

(I've had a period of 4 months without fear, but now it's back)

My worst fear is having heart attack, stroke, or cerebral hemorrhage when no one is around, and dying. I'm 28 years old, fairly healthy and I will probably live until I'm 90.  :-* Oh the irony.

Current symptom list:
  • Pulsatile Tinnitus (PT) for 4-5 months on left ear + normal woshing tinnitus
  • I almost faint when exercising and being social.
  • Hurting neck.
  • Numb right side of face and numb left ear.
  • Headaches all around the head. Feel like stings and throbs. Random places.
  • Panic attacks. Feel like dying.
  • And all the other symptoms following a GAD/panic disorder.

On monday I will finally have the MRI I've requested for years. And thorough examination of my brains veins and arteries. I've had my Ear,Nose,Throat specialist examine me, and he suspects some kind of malformation in the bloodvessels surrounding the cochlea.

Now I'm worried sick and believe I have the following, because of the PT:
  • Aneurysm.
  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Common carotid artery / Internal carotid artery malformation.

I'm afraid my aneurysm (in which it's not sure I have yet) will burst and I will die from hemorrhaging. And of course that I have so much atherosclerosis that my brain just barely get's it's required dose of oxygen.

I know my thoughts can create all these symptoms, but after my doctor told me I may have some issues with the bloodflow in the head, i've become scared! .

Is there anyone here that have had PT and can talk some sense to me?
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Offline anxiousadam

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This is exactly what im experiencing, did they ever find anything
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Offline Nelly22

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I am also 28, also have an MRI/MRA this Monday, and have most of these same symptoms (and have had them for about 10 years). The scan I'm having Monday is because I think I tore my carotid artery, though, so not directly related to my past symptoms. The good news is that even though I've had most of those symptoms you describe for 10 years, I've had numerous MRIs, MRAs and CTs and nothing has ever been found. Apparently all those pains were just anxiety and tension related. Where is the pain in your neck? Down the back or more the front/side? That and dizziness is what I'm dealing with most right now which is giving me the torn artery scare. I'm praying this will come back like every other scan and all these crazy pains and feelings will just be anxiety like every other time. Let us know your results!
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