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Author Topic: Question regarding Globus sensation (lump in throat) feeling  (Read 708 times)

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Hi everyone. After suffering with this lump in my throat feeling and wondering about one specific part of it, I felt I better ask some people who have also had this as it may make me feel better.

So a quick summary of what happened to me. At the end of March I went through some very bad traumatic stress. It was so bad, I could feel adrenaline pumping through my body a different times of the day and this went on for weeks. Almost the next day after the stress first started, I noticed I woke up with a lump in my throat feeling and throat tightness. I almost immediately knew it had to be from the stress. My stress has subsided but I'm dealing with a lot of health issues right now that I"m trying to recover from due to the immense stress I was under for 2 months or so. I cannot believe how stress hurt my body so badly physically.

Anyways my question is about the lump in the throat or globus sensation and people who have had this, I'd really appreciate your feedback. I've had it for 2 months now and I noticed about a couple weeks in that when I would breath in very deeply as or heavy like when you work out I would notice a discomfort when I got to the very top of my breath. The discomfort comes pretty much where the lump in my throat feeling is.  I'm assuming this is because the muscles in this area are still constricted and when I take a large breath in, I'm forcing them to stretch and it therefore is causing the discomfort?

Am I right in this and have anybody else experienced this mild discomfort taking deep breaths while having globus sensation?  I've read tons of articles about globus but none of them seem to really mention this issue.

Thanks so much.
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Re: Question regarding Globus sensation (lump in throat) feeling
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2013, 08:16:42 AM »
Hi Smitty,

Welcome to the group . . . I'm not a med professional and you should really get a diagnosis from a med professional . . .from my personal experience, I have had a similar event happen when I was under long and enduring stress . . . muscles can tense up anywhere and, for me, it became more intense the more I focused on it . . . . but, I did go to my doctor and, for me, it turned out to be a thyroid issue that was intensified because of the stress . . . long story short, don't depend on one person's diagnosis being your diagnosis and sometimes reading too many articles just ends up confusing a person and/or having the person assume symptoms that might not otherwise exist. . . chances are that it is stress and, yes, stress can have a direct and deep impact on your physical well being but because you are dealing with and recovering from a lot of health issues right now, I would strongly suggest that you consider checking in with your doctor so that you don't continue to worry about it and focus on resolving your other health issues, especially the impact that your traumatic stress has had on you . . . others on this forum will probably have other experiences to share with you which is how we learn so thank you so much for coming here and sharing your experience with us . . . please do keep checking in and letting us know how we can support you in your recovery process and for giving us advice that you have learned while you have been in the process . . . take care, KC
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