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Author Topic: Going insane.  (Read 317 times)

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Going insane.
« on: February 02, 2013, 07:01:26 AM »
Sorry if this turns out a mess to read, I'm on my phone.

I have no idea what mental/physical problem this is but it is literally driving me insane. I was fine up until 8th grade (I'm a high school student now and it's been about three years since this started) I have had this problem.

I can't look (almost) anyone in the eyes. It freaks me out, makes my heart beat out of control, eyes start to water(cry?) and my face turns redder by the second. Not a healthy red, but the actual color itself. I will then feel really uncomfortable and these issues will get worse as the situation continues.

Sometimes its ok, but thats usually only once in a while with my parents. But I noticed something, this rarely happens in the pitch black. Am I embarrassed by how I look or something?

Also going out into a crowded place is a whole nother story. I went to a resteraunt with my parents the other day and the fact that there was a lot of people there made me turn red, feel uncomfortable, feel dehydrated, irritated...

I dont know if this is a confidence issue but these problems are definitely reducing it to slim to none.
I excersize frequently now and rarely eat anything unhealthy. All fruits, meats, vegetables and no chocolate candy or fats.
This barely (if any) helped.

Also I can not breathe unless my tongue is touching the roof of my mouth, which is extremely irritating when I notice this (almost constantly). If I try to not have it on the roof I will have a hyge urge to put it back and it just does not seem normal. Also I will have to constantly swallow almost every 10 seconds. Then about a minute later I notice its back to the roof of my mouth.

I think I have an eye problem. It takes around figteen minutes for it to adjust to light differences in public and someyimes it just doesnt and my eyes turn red and start to water like insane. Thos is worse in the witer time for some reason.

I yawn when I'm nevervos so I'm constantly yawning in public.
Ii twitch when I'm nervous so I'm constantly twitching in public.
I drink a lot of water, no help.

Do I need help? Actually I know I need help
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Re: Going insane.
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2013, 10:01:13 AM »
It sounds more like some kind of social anxiety that you have. As all your bad encounters involve other people and crowded places. To the point were you blush and get anxious around them. Not sure if you have any self esteem problems? You can let us know. Most people with social phobia see themselves as different to others. Thus when in the company of others they feel like they don't fit in. Everything can be fixed with the right kind of help. Visit your local doctor first. Explain the situation to him. He may refer you to a Shrink for evaluation. Which is just a few questions about life in general and to get a feel about your condition. Then they tell you what they think you might have. They may suggest medication. It is one option. Not one you have to go along with. That is your choice. Along with theraphy. But those are the normal first steps. Keep us posted.
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Re: Going insane.
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2013, 10:22:02 AM »
I am sorry you are having difficulties.  Being a teenager is hard, as is being a teenager in high school. You are taking care of yourself by exercising and eating a a healthy diet.  Good for you! It does help to talk to people.  Are you able to communicate your feelings to your parents, other family members, or friends? Having one other person to confide in can make a huge difference.

I understand how your situation would be troubling to you.  Looking people in the eye is uncomfortable to a lot of us.  I make a point of doing it when I talk, but many people don't and are visibly uncomfortable. Two of my son's teenage friends avoid conversation and seem to feel very awkward when asked questions.  They do not make eye contact.  So, if you feel uncomfortable, then have physical manifestations of that-blushing, watering eyes, it sets up a cycle.  You are now hypersensitive to any situation that may bring these symptoms to the surface.  I think the same for the tongue issue, and the yawning and twitching.     

I definitely do not think you are going insane. I think a lot of people have varying degrees of issues like this.  I suffer from general and social anxiety.  I also have hyperhydrosis (sweaty hands).  My hands can be completely dry, and if I think of something remotely uncomfortable, they sweat in a matter of seconds.  If I am nervous, the sweat can run down my arms.  At least no one can see that, but it's mighty embarassing to shake or hold hands. 

You are reaching out here, so you are obviously at a point of wanting to do something to to make your situation better.  In my experience, doing nothing only makes matters worse.  My advice would be to talk to someone about how you are feeling.  Maybe you could ask your parents to set up a doctor's appointment just to make sure you have no health issues.  You could always bring up your concerns there. 

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