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Author Topic: So scared... Someone help!  (Read 584 times)

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Re: So scared... Someone help!
« Reply #20 on: December 03, 2012, 07:17:10 AM »
I  am  THRILLED :jumping0009: with ALL of gcalex posts on this thread.    YEP very very important information for any and all peeps that are letting their faulty thinking taking them to Catastrophicville...

AND, urgh, just about any peep posting about rabies are in Catastrophicville listening to the loons that run the place.  In other words absent REAL evidence that one has been near a rabid animal (walking in the woods and a racoon attacked them or one was in a cave and bats landed on them and BIT them) your thoughts are illogical and irrational and you'd be better off seeing a therapist and taking proactive steps (and we know what those steps are even though they aren't easy and take time  :yes: :winking0008:) rather than sitting around entertaining a whole host of  ":dazed: what if" scenarios.  JUST because you have a "fear thought" doesn't mean you have to give it any credence.  ANXIETY LIES
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MOST anxiety occurs on a subconscious level.  JUST because you don't feel consciously anxious or had a day or two of calm doesn't mean your mind & body are relaxed.  It can take months of reduced anxiety before a body goes back to a more non-reactive state