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Author Topic: Random slight stomach pains all over. Help, please?  (Read 1350 times)

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Random slight stomach pains all over. Help, please?
« on: May 07, 2012, 07:37:53 PM »
I'm sixteen years old and dropped out of school about seven months ago. I resorted to practically sitting on my bum all day, and had no motivation to do anything. I've had a fear of doctors my whole entire life, and I do anything to avoid having to go.

This is quite embarrassing for me, but- I discovered I had a hemorrhoid about a week ago, and am in the process of getting rid of it by increasing fiber in my diet. With my hemorrhoid came constipation. Being me, I immediately googled every possible disease or condition that constipation could cause, and started noticing weird symptoms that tied to some of those conditions.

I had a slight pain in my lower right side that came and went in random intervals a few days after I noticed I had a hemorrhoid. Then I would get slight, slight stabbing pains all over my stomach (but mostly on my right side, I think.) that came and went as well. It hasn't stopped, and I'm freaking myself out. Appendicitis? Kidney stones? IBS? Gall stones or gallbladder infection? Again, these pains are all minor, and I'm probably just making myself recognize them, or really even have them.

I took fiber pills all week last week, and have pretty much been eating salads, dried cranberries- anything that's rich in fiber. Given the dinners that my parents prepare and some small desserts. I know that an immediate increase in fiber can give you stomach aches, but as I said- I've been increasing it for about a week now. Should I still be having symptoms, if it even is that?

I mean, I've been still sitting around while this has happened. Is it just my body having difficulty digesting because I'm not active at all, or what?
I don't want to go to the doctor, and I truly hope that everything is a-okay with me. Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know what this is?
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Re: Random slight stomach pains all over. Help, please?
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2012, 09:54:37 AM »
It's most likely gas from the fiber increase. Give it another couple of days as your bowels begin to "process" the increased fiber and adjust to the change. Make sure that you are drinking lots of water with that fiber too. I think you'll be fine as soon as your body adjusts to the increase in fiber. Blessings to you!
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