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Author Topic: Cutting/Self-Harm  (Read 2072 times)

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Re: Cutting/Self-Harm
« Reply #20 on: October 11, 2011, 06:34:19 PM »

So glad therapy went well....and you heard one person's account of the 'why' of cutting.

I am so vain that it amazes me that this is something I ever think of.....but at this stage, do understand the pain release aspect...know there are better ways to do this.

Lets all try to be positive is much easier when we see the good things...

BTW: the last time I felt like cutting was after the murder of my son by my ex last year.....a time of extreme sadness and feelings of futility...I got to a therapist right away and knew my son would so so hate for me to do this.

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Re: Cutting/Self-Harm
« Reply #21 on: May 28, 2014, 01:34:52 AM »
i used to cut when i was in middle school and it lasted till i was about 21. i was always stressed about things that i shouldnt have been worried about. i didnt know what anxiety was or what caused it. one day one of my teachers saw my arm and told the school nurse who called me into her office and talked to me about my arm. she asked me to see a dr about it and i told her i a few days went by and she asked me if i had seen a dr and i told her i did and that i was told i needed to stop cutting and she believed me! i got smarter about hiding my cuts and never had anyone notice until i decided to tell my friends who i trusted the most. they were shocked but didnt judge me which was nice. one day my grandma was cleaning my room and found my razors and i guess she told my parents because my mom came in and asked me about them and asked to see my arm so i showed her. she broke down crying and told me to show my dad who of course was mad. they told me that if that was the crap i was going to be doing in my room then i shouldnt have one. luckily i managed to keep it a secret for years after. when i was 18 i moved in with my bf at the time and after a while he got abusive. so while i i was dumb enough to stay with him i was cutting again. he knew and called me dumb for doing it which got me me and shortly after that we broke up. later on down the road i learned my aunt had thyroid cancer and that upset me since shes the only aunt im close to. i had managed to stop cutting for a while but when i found out about my aunt i gave in and started again this time on my legs. i cut the word why into my leg and one day i was wearing shorts and my nephew saw my leg and pointed it out to my mom who then asked to see it.she didnt cry this time but she did ask what i thought my bf at the time would think and i knew he would be upset so i tried stopping and did again for a while. we broke  up 6 months after getting together and during that time i was cutting again. i felt addicted and it was nice seeing the blood stains on my sheets or playing with it on my legs or arms. one day i was on ***** and on the people you may know list was a guy i rode the school bus with. he was my first crush but he was 4 years older than me. i messaged him and we hung out a couple times before dating and for some reason being with him made me realize that i didnt need to cut to be ok. i was able to talk to him about what was bugging me without being judged. one night we got into a huge fight and in told him i was going to leave and cut again which i did and to this day i feel bad because he broke down after seeing my arm. that was 3 years ago and since then i havent cut once. there are times when i think about it because id rather keep things botteled up and wear a fake smile instead of talking. i hope my story helps and sorry if its boring lol
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