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Author Topic: My body/skin is always hot. No Fever and not sick.  (Read 54334 times)

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My body/skin is always hot. No Fever and not sick.
« on: January 15, 2011, 07:13:49 AM »
My body/skin is always hot. I have no fever and am not sick. It's great during winter when I hold a girl's hand,
its like their heater. They love it on cold winter and rainy nights.

Though during summer it's not as good when you want to hold your partner's hand
and they're already trying to cool down..then your skin (it doesnt matter which part)
touches them and they jump away as if you're a heater during summer.
(actually I am a heater during summer)

1. It's not anxiety, I'm not an anxious person and I hardly get sick.
2. Doctor's dont know what it is but recommend cold baths, glass of water at night, calming tea
3. I've taken cool showers but I slowly go back to warm skin, in less than an hour.
4. Next, I went to a chinese herbalist.
    They said that my body core temperature shouldn't be that high
    they gave me some herbs (consists of roots, some leaves)
    and to boil them and drink the soup.It tastes like dirt. I only took it three times
    I couldn't handle it.
Result: Inconclusive. because I didnt notice any changes.
           The chinese herbs were expensive and my success rate with alternative therapies
           like this are hit and miss.
5. I've had some treatment from a massage therapist who does "healing" and Reiki
    its got to do with freeing your chakra's and includes while lying down she supports your head (from the base of the skull/top of the backbone.
    If you start being sensitive to what your body'll feel muscle twitches as if they're untangling, loosening, unwinding (feels like rubber bands) and feel relaxed and a bit wobbly because your relaxed and a lot of the tenseness inst there any more.
Result: when I go back to my worktable, I feel a little colder, to the extent I reach for my jacket. This lasts for an hour or so.
This is the closest to feeling better compared to the doctor and chinese herbalist

Unfortunately "Trial and Error" or a friend's referral is the next best thing.
I'm still looking for a reason and answer why my skin is always hot.

1.What does "higher than normal heat" do to a person's body?
2. If it's bad, why?
3. Does it shorten my life because the body is working overtime (and causing the heat)
4. What do you do, to lower it, to a better condition/temperature?
5. Does the higher body/skin temperature affect my sperm and testes?

Thanks for your input.
Kind regards
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Re: My body/skin is always hot. No Fever and not sick.
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2011, 09:46:30 AM »
Do you have a high pulse rate?  I know that I used to have a pulse of 100 bpm and I was ALWAYS hot.

Another thing that used to make me hot was Effexor.  I was always hot when I took that stuff.
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